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Welcome to our "Fish List" Newsletter


In 1997, the commercial fishing family of Bonnie and Captain Mark Tognazzini turned to consumer-direct (straight from the boat) fish sales in response to the disparity between wholesale and consumer fish prices. During albacore and salmon seasons (around May to September), Captain Mark would fish during the week and then conduct sales from the Bonnie Marietta on the weekends. A weekly email would notify customers of the sales, and they would turn out in droves, sometimes standing in line for two or more hours for a chance to buy a whole fish directly off the boat. 


By the time the Tognazzinis opened Dockside Too Fish Market in 2006, they were eager to be able to provide loyal customers with a wider variety of high quality local fish, while also supporting other local skippers. However, the sea continues to call, and Captain Mark still fishes and conducts straight-from-the-boat sales when albacore and salmon are available in sufficient numbers. (As Mark says, it's called "fishing," not "catching.") So, the email list, or "Fish List" as it is commonly known, continues!  However, it now also serves to notify customers of special local catches featured in the Fish Market and restaurants.  You'll find previous Fish List emails below.


If you would like to be on the "Fish List," sign up below. You can expect an email approximately once each week during summer and early fall and less often through the rest of the year. And, of course we would never release your email information to anyone!


After a short 5-day closure our local King Salmon season re-opened today, May 18th. Capt. Mark and the Bonnie Marietta started out bright and early in hopes of landing a few of these highly prized fish. As many of you know, local fishing thus far has been very slow this season but there are still hopes that things may turn around. We will keep you posted with Capt. Mark's progress as well as the rest of the local fleet as we find out more.

In other fishing news, we have had solid landings of many other local favorites including, Vermilion Rockfish from Capt. Bengtson, of the Wasn't Me, Blue Rockfish from Capt. Gourley of the Christie, Blackcod and Grenadier from Capt. Hackleman of the Provision, and California Halibut from Capt. McGill of the 4 Baja. All of these fish will be available in our Market while supplies last.

We hope to see you here!

The Tognazzini Family & Crew


Happy Mother's Day! Capt. Mark and the Bonnie Marietta have been hard at work the past couple days attempting to land a few of these seemingly elusive local King Salmon. Fishing for the most part remains very slow however, the captain did land a handful to us here at Dockside late yesterday afternoon.

With that said, we are happy to announce that we will be offering fresh local King Salmon fillets available in our Dockside Too fish market just in time for Mother's Day. Fillets will be priced at $19.95 per pound.

Supplies are limited and we will not be offering whole fish this time but hope to be able to do so again if the fishing improves. In addition, Capt. Mark will keep pluggin' away in hopes of conducting direct fish sales off the decks of the Bonnie Marietta in the near future. We will keep you updated with his progress.

We hope to see you here!

The Tognazzini Family & Crew


The opening week of our local King Salmon season has been slow to start. Capt. Mark and the Bonnie Marietta have been hard at work grinding it out against the pounding winds that are all too common this time of year. Although the captain landed a few fish this first week, the numbers were not enough to offer any direct sales this weekend. We will keep you posted with his continuing efforts in hopes of offering direct sales in the coming weeks.

In our Market, we have had a few landings of local King Salmon this week, but with the high demand supplies haven’t lasted long. We are hoping to see fishing improve and will keep you updated with our progress as the season continues. Also please feel free to check in with us as our supplies change daily.

We hope to see you here!

The Tognazzini Family & Crew


After a year of wait, our local King Salmon season has arrived! Capt. Mark and the Bonnie Marietta have been fishing daily with high hopes of conducting direct sales this next week. As of now, fishing has been slow, with very windy afternoons. We will keep you updated with his progress and will keep our fingers crossed that catching improves this week so that we can offer his fish direct to you.

In the meantime, we have landed enough local King Salmon from other fishermen to offer them here at Dockside! Starting Sunday May 3rd we are pleased to offer fresh local King Salmon in our Market whole for $9.95 per lb. or as fillets for $19.95 per lb. As always, if you purchase a whole fish, cutting is included. Currently all our King Salmon are very uniform in size averaging about 10-pounds each.

We do have a limited supply so if you are hankering for some local Kings, come in and see us as they are sure to go fast! Big thanks to Capt. Matt Newman of the Emily Rose and Capt. Jim Gritzfeld of the Rose Lynn.

We hope to see you here!

The Tognazzini Family & Crew


We hope that all of you are doing well, staying safe, and not driving yourselves too stir crazy.  We also wanted to let you know that our local King Salmon season is soon approaching and Capt. Mark is gearing up and will be ready to go. As many of you know, our local King Salmon season starts May 1st and with a little hard work and luck we hope to be offering some of his catch soon after. If the captain finds success and the fish cooperate, we plan to once again offer sales directly off the decks of the Bonnie Marietta. We will keep you posted with his progress and any offerings that we may have.

Many of you have asked about the recent news article stating that “this year” boats will be selling their catches direct. This article suggests that somehow this season will be different than years past however, many of you know that Capt. Mark has been selling King Salmon and Albacore direct since 1996! With the limited markets available this year, it is possible that you may see similar options from other boats however, we believe that we have the process down to a science and you will see the commitment to quality, cleanliness, efficiency, and value from Capt. Mark and his crew!

In the meantime, please remember that Dockside Too remains open for fresh fish sales and take out. Our full menu is available HERE  and we are open daily from 10am to 6pm. In addition every Saturday at 2pm we will continue to offer our rotisserie smoked chickens and baby back ribs. Drive-through or walk-up options are available but be advised that we have been selling out early.

The Tognazzini Family & Crew

Fishing this week was outstanding for Capt. Mintz of the D.J. His trip in search of Bank rockfish has landed great supplies of this amazing fish to us here at Dockside. We think that Bank rockfish are one of the best if not the best eating rockfish around. The flesh is moist mild, flaky and tender and will please just about everyone from the first time fish eater to the seasoned fish connoisseur. Bank rockfish fillets are very versatile and can be prepared by just about any method including grilling, frying, baking, broiling or sautéing. Just lightly season them and don’t overcook and your family will think that you are a master chef with this fish!

Did you know that if you have ever eaten “Pacific snapper,” you were most likely eating rockfish?  There are nearly 60 species of rockfish on the pacific coast, which are often lumped together and sold as “Pacific snapper,” to the unaware consumer. We think that this practice is untruthful and at Dockside we can tell you the species of rockfish that you are eating.  

Due to the success of Capt. Mintz, starting this weekend, we are proud to announce that fresh local Bank rockfish will be used as our Fish & Chips at all three of our Dockside locations for no additional cost.  Bank rockfish will also be featured as fish of the day in our main Restaurant and available as fillets in our Market for $7.95 per pound. We hope that you get the chance to share this great value and enjoy a memorable meal here at Dockside or take some home and prove to your family that you are the master chef that you always thought you were!



Ahoy and Happy New Year to all long time Bonnie Marietta and Dockside fish list folks, and welcome aboard to those that have joined more recently!


Of course we are in Capt. Mark’s off season when it comes to fishing, so emails are limited to only special events here at Dockside, but be ready because May 1st  isn’t too far away and King Salmon season is soon approaching. This year the Captain hopes for even better Salmon fishing and to finally see a few Albacore that seem to keep giving the Central Coast the slip.


In recent fishing news, the pelagic season started off slowly but quickly gained steam bringing us ample supplies of Swordfish, Thresher Shark, Mako Shark, Opah, Bluefin Tuna, and the occasional Louvar over the last couple months. We have been blessed to have had outstanding supplies in the Market, as well as featured in the Restaurant. As a matter of fact, Swordfish has been our fish of the day frequently. At $10.95 for a 6-ounce portion with sides, it is a real value. Much thanks to Capt. Roff and Capt. Schoditsch of the Diane Susan, Capt. LeBeck of the Trailblazer, and Capt. Mintz of the DJ.


But the real purpose of this email to let all of you know about our upcoming Dungeness Crab Festival here at Dockside Restaurant. Capt. Ward of the Dancing Bear, and Capt. Maharry of the New Mohay have been providing us with good supplies of local Dungeness Crabs. The efforts of these two captains allow us to feature this year’s first CRAB FEST here at Dockside.


Mark your calendars for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 23rd, 24th, and 25th. CRAB FEST will be offered at lunch and dinner and will include a fresh local, cooked, cleaned, cracked, and chilled Dungeness Crab and all the usual Dockside sides and fixings for $26.95. These scrumptious-sidewinders average 2-pounds live weight, and are both delicious and fun to eat. CRAB FEST is being featured at or Restaurant only; however we do have both live and cooked available at the Market.


Again, Friday the 23rd, Saturday the 24th, and Sunday the 25th, lunch or dinner, local Dungeness Crabs at Dockside. By reservation only, so call now 805-772-8100.

Good fishing this week has justified another “fish list” update as well as some great weekly specials here at Dockside. Although the pelagic season was slow to start, we are beginning to see some steady landings of these offshore favorites. Capt. Roff of the Diane Susan and Capt. LeBeck of the Trailblazer had another week with some pretty good success. Landings of Swordfish, Bluefin Tuna, Thresher Shark, Opah, and even another Louvar have once again arrived here at Dockside.


The success of these captains has allowed us to offer two great values on Bluefin Tuna this week. First, if you need just a little bit, Bluefin Tuna loins will be available for $11.95 per pound. Second, if you can use a little more, whole Bluefin Tuna will be available for $5.95 per pound. As always, if you purchase whole fish, we will cut them for no additional charge. Most of the fish this week are in the 20-pound range, however there are a couple 40-pounders and even a couple 80-pounders!


In addition to Bluefin Tuna, we will be offering great values on local Swordfish at $12.95 per pound, Thresher Shark and Mako Shark at $6.95 per pound, and Louvar at $19.95 per pound. Last week the Louvar went fast so hurry in if you are hankering for a hunk of this magnificently moist fish!


As a side note, Dockside 3 (Smokehouse) will be offering our amazing almond-wood smoked turkeys for Christmas! We will be smoking a limited number of turkeys so remember to reserve yours soon. Smoked turkeys will average 13-pounds each and offered at $3.50 per pound. If you would like to reserve a bird please call (805) 772-8130.

Well it’s been quite some time since we have sent out a “fish list” update but as you know, this time of year we only send out notice when something really good happens. With the Holiday season fast upon us and some really good fishing this week, now is as good of a time as any to keep everyone in the loop with the local fishing scene. As many of you know, the pelagic season has been well underway for some time now but very slow fishing has meant that we have not seen many of these seasonal fish….until now.


Swordfish, Opah, Bluefin Tuna, Thresher Shark, Mako Shark, and even Louvar have finally found their way to us here at Dockside and we couldn’t be more excited to have these magnificent fish. Capt. Roff of the Diane Susan and Capt. LeBeck of the Trailblazer both had successful trips providing us with strong supplies of these fall favorites.


The success of these captains have allowed us to feature your choice of Swordfish or Bluefin Tuna this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for $12.95 per pound, or Louvar for $19.95 per pound in the Market. Supplies of Swordfish and Bluefin are strong, however as always, Louvar is limited and those who know will likely gobble up what we have pretty fast.


In the Restaurant we will be featuring fresh Swordfish, Bluefin Tuna, Opah, and Thresher Shark in a variety of scrumptious specials throughout the week. Our “Fish of the Day” will be Lingcod while supplies last and then likely switch to Swordfish.


Finally if you are looking for Dungeness Crabs, we have them! Capt. Ward of the Dancing Bear has been providing us with some large and hearty crabs from Port San Luis. Live crabs are available for $6.95 per pound or have us steam them for $7.95 per pound. Please feel free to call in your crab order ahead of time as the steaming process usually takes between 30-40 minutes.


Dockside crew and staff wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you decide to include some fresh local seafood in a few of you special holiday meals this year!

Steady fishing and beautiful weather have joined forces over the last few days making it another great week for fresh fish here at Dockside. Many of our local captains have used the great conditions at sea to their advantage and have capitalized with landings of many of our favorites.


Local King Salmon fishing this week has greatly improved with landings from Capt. Mark on the Bonnie Marietta, as well as Capt. Nungaray of the Michael Too, Capt. Richardson of the Raggamuffin, and even Capt. Sylvster of the Trudy S. Further north, Capt. VanWagner of the Pure Adrenaline 2 also had a nice trip fishing King Salmon and topped off our supply of these silver sided beauties. The success of these local captains allows us to feature King Salmon this week for $19.95 per pound for fillets or $9.95 per pound for whole fish. As always, if you purchase a whole fish, we will cut it for you any way you like for no additional charge. Salmon sizes range greatly this week from around 10 lbs to over 20 lbs, with most weighing about 14 lbs.


Local Halibut fishing was also very productive this week. Capt. Nailen of The Seeker, Capt. Conners of the Silver Bullet, Capt. Shiflett of the Mr. T, and Capt. Campopiano of the Island Hopper all had strong landings of these fabulous flat fish. Local Halibut fillets will be available this week in the market for $19.95 per pound.


Lingcod fishing has been strong and consistent over the last few months with landings from too many captains to mention. Lingcod will continue to be in good supply in the market throughout the week for $10.95 per pound.


These fish and a variety of others will be available in the market throughout the week as well as featured in some mouth-watering dishes in our restaurant. We always recommend that you eat seasonally and enjoy the fresh bounties of the sea when they are available. Now is as good of time as any to enjoy these favorites while they are local and fresh, and before they get the chance to swim away.

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