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Image of Dockside Too fish market at dusk

Dockside Too
Fish Market

Wanting to offer a casual outdoor dining experience, more options for take-out, and fresh seafood for home use, the Tognazzini family opened Dockside Too Fish Market and Patio Dining in April 2009. 


Located directly behind Dockside Restaurant, adjacent to the T-pier, Dockside Too's dining is all outdoors. Although our seafood items are wildly popular, you will find a wide variety of menu items for dining on-site or take-out. Simply place your order at the counter and listen for your name to be called. It's casual and fun!


Local musicians provide live music on most days, and as a very special bonus, Dockside Too is dog-friendly: yes, dogs may allow their two-legged family members to accompany them on the patio!


For those of you wanting to prepare a special meal at home, Dockside Too also offers high quality seafood (the same seafood we proudly serve in our restaurants), for preparing at home. And, did you know that eating seafood twice a week is recommended by several prominent health organizations?  

Dockside Too Hours

Friday-Saturday: 10 AM to 8 PM

Sunday-Thursday: 10 AM to 7 PM in summer and 6 PM in winter

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