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The History of our Bonnie Marietta Sales

In 1997, the commercial fishing family of Bonnie and Captain Mark Tognazzini turned to consumer-direct (straight off the boat) albacore and salmon sales in response to the disparity between wholesale and consumer prices.  


During albacore and salmon seasons (around May to September), Captain Mark would fish during the week and conduct sales from the Bonnie Marietta on the weekends. A weekly "Fish List" email would notify customers of the sales, and they would turn out in droves. Mark took great pride in the quality of his hook-and-line caught albacore and salmon, and custom cut each fish purchased. 


Now, even after opening three restaurants and a fish market, the sea continues to call, and Captain Mark still fishes and conducts sales straight off the boat when albacore and salmon are available in sufficient numbers. So, the Fish List email continues, and now it also serves to notify customers of special offerings in the Fish Market and restaurants.


If you would like to be on the "Fish List," click on the link below. You can expect an email approximately once a week during summer and early fall and less often through the rest of the year. (We will never sell your email to anyone.)

Consumer-Direct Salmon & Albacore Sales

In 1997, the commercial fishing family of Bonnie and Captain Mark Tognazzini pioneered consumer-direct fresh fish sales in Morro Bay. Even with the subsequent opening of their three Dockside restaurants (and fish market), Captain Mark continues to fish and conduct whole fish sales straight off the boat when he lands albacore and salmon in sufficient numbers. 

Why buy directly from the Bonnie Marietta?

The California King salmon sold by the Bonnie Marietta is caught using trolled barbless hooks, NOT nets. It is fresh, not frozen, and has been stunned, bled, gutted, gilled, and iced at sea.


Likewise, the albacore that is sold by the Bonnie Marietta is caught using surface-trolled hooks, not nets. It is fresh, not frozen, and has been spiked, bled, gutted, gilled, and iced at sea. 


Why are these methods of handling superior?  Stunning and spiking prevents fish from flopping around on deck or on each other, after being caught. Bleeding, gutting, and gilling at sea allows the fish to cool much more rapidly, from the inside out as well as the outside in. It also saves you at least 10% at the scale.


Our fish is also very well packed in ice in the Bonnie Marietta fish hold until the moment you purchase it on the dock.


And, keep in mind that the Bonnie Marietta follows all local regulations, and with the County Supervisors’ unanimous vote, was instrumental in establishing the County Health Department’s voluntary guidelines for dockside sales.


THE BOTTOM LINE: The quality of our fish can be seen and tasted! Don’t accept anything less than exceptional quality, value, and service for your money!

The Value of a WHOLE Bonnie Marietta Fish 

The Bonnie Marietta is licensed to sell directly to the consumer by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and only sells its fish whole. Once you purchase your fish at the boat, you can take it home whole or have it cut to order, for FREE! Custom cutting options include steaks, fillets, and roasts. 


New customers sometimes are hesitant to buy a whole fish, even with free cutting. If a whole fish seems like too much to eat, remember that it will stay fresh for about five days, you can freeze some, and you can share it with others. You might also be able to find a friend to split the purchase of a fish with you.


If you are curious about the amount of return after the fish is cut, you will be pleased to know that a salmon will yield in excess of 70%, while the return on a albacore will exceed 50%, even if you leave the head and backbone behind. However, you are also welcome to keep all parts of your fish (whether salmon or albacore), as the head and backbone can be cooked or otherwise used. 


Ice is also free, if you need it for the trip home.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions, whether you are a first-time customer or a long-time “regular.” We always endeavor to give you the service you need, want, and deserve!

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