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Image of eight steamed crab dinners in a line


In April 2004 the Tognazzini family opened the original Dockside Restaurant, the closest restaurant to Morro Bay's iconic Morro Rock. Miss Bonnie and Captain Mark Tognazzini--with his many years of commercial fishing experience--were eager to offer the freshest of seafood in a warm and inviting atmosphere. 


From its start (and long before the term "locavore" became well known), Dockside has been a proud supporter of the historic Morro Bay commercial fishing fleet, and whenever possible our daily specials feature locally caught seafood. 


Dining is all indoors, and the atmosphere is comfortable for any group and all occasions. Our servers are friendly and eager to please. Many of our window tables overlook the T-pier (with Morro Rock in the background), and if your timing is right, you may even see fish being brought ashore, as an adjacent dock is used by the local fleet to offload their catches.


With so much to offer, the restaurant has become a favorite of locals and tourists alike! 


Dockside Restaurant Hours

7 AM to 9 PM

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