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Image of vessel Bonnie Marietta with Morro Rock in background

F/V Bonnie Marietta Charters

When not fishing for salmon or albacore, the Bonnie Marietta is available for research and support charters on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, for the entire west coast. An owner-operated vessel can be a cost effective way to handle many ocean research needs. Captain Mark Tognazzini would be pleased to discuss the possibility of his participation in any of your projects. You can reach him at 805-441-1451.

Past Charters Include

  • Greenridge Science, Santa Barbara, CA: geophysical effects on rockfish, pilot study

  • Battalle, Sequim, WA: geophysical effects on rockfish, principal study

  • UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA: tagging deep-water rockfish, diver support

  • Coastal Fisheries Foundation, San Raphael, CA: experimental longline study

  • NMF, Long Beach, CA: marine mammal observation

  • Clean Seas, Carpinteria, CA: oil spill recovery  

  • Entrix, Walnut Creek, CA: diver support, bottom coring

  • Kinnetic Labs, Santa Cruz, CA: grab sampling, diver support, bottom coring 

  • Fugro, Ventura, CA: sub-bottom profiling, side scan sonar

  • Marine Research Specialists, Ventura, CA: bottom and water sampling, ROV support, bottom trawls, plankton tows

  • Coastal Resources Management, Corona Del Mar, CA: diver support

  • Marine Resource Consultants, Santa Barbara, CA: diver support

  • John E. Chance, Lafayette, LA: bottom profiling, side scan sonar, multi beam SeaBat

  • Racal Pelagos, San Diego, CA: side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, diver support

  • American Pacific Marine, Oxnard, CA: diver support

  • Ceontic, Oxnard, CA: diver support

  • Applied Marine Sciences, Livermore, CA: diver support

  • Stolt Comex Seaway, Oxnard, CA: diver support

  • Evans-Hamilton, Vicksburg, MS: wave rider deployment, diver support

  • Marine and Coastal Environmental Sciences, Concord, CA: diver support

  • World Com/MFS Globenet, Arlington, VA/Los Osos, CA: cable guard boat

  • Ecomar, Goleta, CA: drill bit recovery, diver support

  • Aquatic Bioassay and Consulting, Ventura, CA: bottom sampling, diver/ROV support

  • Moss Landing Marine Labs, Moss Landing, CA: "CICORE" support

  • Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA: "CODAR" support and calibration

  • Liquid Robotics, Sunnyvale, CA: research vehicle recovery

  • Deep Solutions Inc., Clearwater, FL: fiber optic installation, diver support 

  • TEG Oceanographic Services, Santa Cruz, CA: diver support

  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego, CA: SPRAY recovery, surface wind shear R&R project

  • RESON, Goleta, CA: SeaBat diver support

  • TNC, Morro Bay, CA: bottom sampling

  • SRI International, Menlo Park, CA: ocean support/over flight testing

  • MBARI, Moss Landing, CA: high seas buoy recovery

  • Vessel Assist, Ventura, CA: panga recovery

  • Hopkins Marine Station, Pacific Grove, CA: white shark buoy deployment, diver support

  • Clean Seas, Carpentaria, CA: oil boom deployment and recovery

  • Harbor Breeze Cruises, Long Beach, CA: life raft recovery

  • Norbit U.S. Ltd., Santa Barbra, CA: oil seep monitoring research and development

  • Integral Consulting, Louisville, CO: sub-surface transponder support

  • United States Air Force, SFB Patrick FL: Global Hawk support

  • U.C. Monterey, Seaside CA: diver support

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