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Dockside logo. Image of mermaid and Tognazzini's Dockside Morro Bay California
Image of vessel Bonnie Marietta with Christmas lights at dusk
Image of Capt. Mark M. Tognazzini holding fish (pomfret) with Morro Rock in background
Image of Bizarre foods T.V episode
Image of vessel Bonnie Marietta with Morro Rock in background
Image of fisherman holding up two large fish (White Seabass)
Image of Dockside postcard showing logo and employees in action
Image of fisherman with large fish (California Halibut)
Image of fisherman with assortment of fishing poles

Our Restaurants

Located on Morro Bay’s scenic and historic Embarcadero, we offer two very special restaurant options located right next to each other. Both locations feature sit down dining, take out, as well as beer and wine selections. We are family owned and operated and specialize in quality local seafood, prepared by skilled chefs who know how best to showcase the great variety of seafood available to us on California's coast. Although our menus lean heavily on the bounties of the sea, we offer a wide variety of menu options. Whether you choose to join us at our original Dockside Restaurant or our Fish Market & Patio, we offer family oriented dining with something for everyone!  



If you are looking for a ready-to-eat meal, you can't go wrong with any one of our three Dockside locations! But, if you're wanting to fix some delectable seafood dishes in your own kitchen, Dockside Too's Fish Market is the place to go! As with our restaurants, we offer locally caught seafood whenever possible, in support of Morro Bay's historic commercial fishing fleet. As part of that fleet, Captain Mark knows seafood well and insists on the highest quality for YOU, his customer. Our facilities allow us to receive and process seafood directly from the boat, ensuring quality control from the time of landing to the time of your purchase. You deserve it!

Our Seafood

Our Vessel

The Bonnie Marietta is a 38’ commercial Fishing Vessel (F/V) owned by Captain Mark Tognazzini since its construction in 1981. Born and raised in Morro Bay, Captain Mark been working in the fishing industry for over 50 years, including more than 40 years as skipper of the Bonnie Marietta. He has experience not only in commercial fishing, but also in passenger fishing, and ocean research support. He currently concentrates on commercial fishing salmon and albacore as well as research and support charters. He has a wealth of knowledge to offer; feel free to contact him with your questions!

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