May 3, 2020


After a year of wait, our local King Salmon season has arrived! Capt. Mark and the Bonnie Marietta have been fishing daily with high hopes of conducting direct sales this next week. As of now, fishing has been slow, with very windy afternoons. We will keep you updated with his progress and will keep our fingers crossed that catching improves this week so that we can offer his fish direct to you.

In the meantime, we have landed enough local King Salmon from other fishermen to offer them here at Dockside! Starting Sunday May 3rd we are pleased to offer fresh local King Salmon in our Market whole for $9.95 per lb. or as fillets for $19.95 per lb. As always, if you purchase a whole fish, cutting is included. Currently all our King Salmon are very uniform in size averaging about 10-pounds each.

We do have a limited supply so if you are hankering for some local Kings, come in and see us as they are sure to go fast! Big thanks to Capt. Matt Newman of the Emily Rose and Capt. Jim Gritzfeld of the Rose Lynn.

We hope to see you here!

The Tognazzini Family & Crew


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