February 19, 2015

Fishing this week was outstanding for Capt. Mintz of the D.J. His trip in search of Bank rockfish has landed great supplies of this amazing fish to us here at Dockside. We think that Bank rockfish are one of the best if not the best eating rockfish around. The flesh is moist mild, flaky and tender and will please just about everyone from the first time fish eater to the seasoned fish connoisseur. Bank rockfish fillets are very versatile and can be prepared by just about any method including grilling, frying, baking, broiling or sautéing. Just lightly season them and don’t overcook and your family will think that you are a master chef with this fish!

Did you know that if you have ever eaten “Pacific snapper,” you were most likely eating rockfish? There are nearly 60 species of rockfish on the pacific coast, which are often lumped together and sold as “Pacific snapper,” to the unaware consumer. We think that this practice is untruthful and at Dockside we can tell you the species of rockfish that you are eating.

Due to the success of Capt. Mintz, starting this weekend, we are proud to announce that fresh local Bank rockfish will be used as our Fish & Chips at all three of our Dockside locations for no additional cost. Bank rockfish will also be featured as fish of the day in our main Restaurant and available as fillets in our Market for $7.95 per pound. We hope that you get the chance to share this great value and enjoy a memorable meal here at Dockside or take some home and prove to your family that you are the master chef that you always thought you were!


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