December 10, 2014

Good fishing this week has justified another “fish list” update as well as some great weekly specials here at Dockside. Although the pelagic season was slow to start, we are beginning to see some steady landings of these offshore favorites. Capt. Roff of the Diane Susan and Capt. LeBeck of the Trailblazer had another week with some pretty good success. Landings of Swordfish, Bluefin Tuna, Thresher Shark, Opah, and even another Louvar have once again arrived here at Dockside.

The success of these captains has allowed us to offer two great values on Bluefin Tuna this week. First, if you need just a little bit, Bluefin Tuna loins will be available for $11.95 per pound. Second, if you can use a little more, whole Bluefin Tuna will be available for $5.95 per pound. As always, if you purchase whole fish, we will cut them for no additional charge. Most of the fish this week are in the 20-pound range, however there are a couple 40-pounders and even a couple 80-pounders!

In addition to Bluefin Tuna, we will be offering great values on local Swordfish at $12.95 per pound, Thresher Shark and Mako Shark at $6.95 per pound, and Louvar at $19.95 per pound. Last week the Louvar went fast so hurry in if you are hankering for a hunk of this magnificently moist fish!

As a side note, Dockside 3 (Smokehouse) will be offering our amazing almond-wood smoked turkeys for Christmas! We will be smoking a limited number of turkeys so remember to reserve yours soon. Smoked turkeys will average 13-pounds each and offered at $3.50 per pound. If you would like to reserve a bird please call (805) 772-8130.

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